As one of the most active conservation groups in TAG, the Sewanee Mountain Grotto has accumulated numerous individual and group awards for conservation activities, including:





NSSThe Sewanee Mountain Grotto received a Certificate of Merit at the 2012 NSS Convention for their continuous conservation efforts directly impacting the Orme Mountain Road area of the Russell Cave National Monument Watershed. To see Maureen accepting the award CLICK HERE.



Previous Awards:

SKTF Volunteer of the Year, 2006: Peter “Mudpuppy” Michaud, NSS 41191 RE, FE







Commendation from the town of Orme, TN for clean-up of the Russell Cave Watershed,
May 7th, 2007

SKTF Volunteer of the Year, 2008: Anne Grindle, NSS 35370 FR & Blaine Grindle, NSS 16504 RE  

NSS Conservation Award, 2009


SERA Karst Task Force Volunteer of the Year, 2009: Julie Uselton, NSS 57874 RE
Photo by: Kim Gentry






Cumberland Center for Peace and Justice Community Service Award, 2010